Basement Dweller

As soon as she arrived at the almost 100 year old building, she knew that she was moving into a place which had contained a lot of darkness in its past. The energy of the spirits contained within the brick walls of the building slapped her like a ton of bricks as soon as she stepped out of the moving truck in the back alley to unload her possessions. In all of her years of being a medium, she had encountered a lot of things, but nothing quite like this. The very ground beneath her feet felt like it was emanating an almost painful, but definitely nauseating, electric feeling which coursed through her entire body, and she hadn’t even set foot inside yet. How had she missed it in all the times she had looked at online photos of the building?

It didn’t take her long to answer her own question. She had wanted out of where she had been so badly, that she simply ignored the warning bells. After her divorce, she had moved back to her hometown, and had ended up staying longer than she had originally intended. She had always hated it there, and it hadn’t gotten any better in the years that she had been away. Too many bad memories, too many people who she truly disliked, and absolutely nothing to do which felt like it fed her soul with anything positive.

The town which she had chosen to move to had a lot to offer, at least on paper. She had only been there once for a few days and it felt okay, but she hadn’t even laid eyes on the building that she was moving in to. Not that she could remember anyway. Now though, she was here. She just told herself to make the best of it, and hoped that the energy would feel better inside than it did outside. Her hopes of that were quickly dashed as soon as she walked in the back door of the building with her first load of boxes. The energy inside was every bit as bad as it had been outside. This place was full of spirits. One of the first things she wanted to do when she got her things into her new apartment was to burn some sage, but she had to wait a few days until her family, who had helped her to move left.

As she settled in, she began to get used to a lot of the spirits roaming the halls of the building. Even though several of them were suicides and one was a murder victim, she had reached an agreement of peaceful co-existence with them. Very early on, they made it clear to her that they wouldn’t be leaving so the best that she could do was tell them that she would leave them alone and ask that they return the favor. In the almost ten years that she’d been burning sage, she went through more of it in this place in the first year than she had in the previous five. Despite all of this, it was still better here than it had been to be back in her hometown.

Not long after the one year anniversary of moving in, she encountered something unlike anything she had ever ran into before. Well, that wasn’t entirely true. She had once come across something which she could only describe as a land spirit and it had wreaked havoc with her until she started leaving gifts for it. Once it understood that she wasn’t staying forever, wouldn’t try to make it leave, and would leave it offerings until she was gone, there was a truce. The thing in the basement of this new place though, was nothing short of sheer evil nastiness.

She was coming inside the back door one night at around ten o’clock and felt a rush of cold air blow by her. As she turned to see what was causing it, she saw a large black mass shoot past her. At first she wasn’t too concerned, but when she made it to the elevator to go up to her apartment, it attacked while she was waiting. She felt excruciating pain in her head and chest, along with an icy coldness as it squeezed her. As this was going on, her levels of nausea rose to a level that she was ready to throw up. Thankfully, the elevator opened then and she got on and the sensations which had been overtaking her eased up a bit.

After that night, she encountered what she dubbed the basement dweller several times a year. Always in the Fall, and it was always every bit as nasty as that first time. She still doesn’t know what it is, other than that it had never been human and that she was to leave it alone. Until this day, she is still waiting to find a new place to move. In the meantime, all she can do is keep the space behind her own closed door as clear as she can with her sage and other tools…and hope beyond hope that she doesn’t have to wait long for the elevator when she has to be out at night in the Fall.




The Monster You Fear

This monster will always find you

No matter where you are, or what you do

You need to know that there’s nowhere to hide

For the monster that you fear the most will always dwell inside

Did you really think that I lived underneath the bed?

Silly mortal human, I’ve always been inside your head

The evil which has crept up on you, catching you by surprise

Doesn’t come from some mysterious dark place, it’s right behind your eyes

It waits for you to see the things which cause deep pain within your heart

And rips its way into the world, to tear everything apart

It may be hard for you to believe

But you’ve spent your days being cunningly deceived

You’ve been mine since before you came out of the womb

And with you I’ll stay ’till you’ve entered your tomb

You were promised to me to pay off someone’s debt

Try to escape, it’ll be your biggest regret

Someday, yes someday, you will be free

But for now you are mine and for now, you are me.


Matthew walked out of his office to go to lunch, and watched a homeless guy make a beeline for him. This particular guy was one that he remembered walking past in the park several times, always rambling that he was the embodiment of Jesus come back to earth. Last Saturday at the park the guy was talking about how so much of what everyone learned in church and read in the Bible was wrong. It irritated Matthew to see how many people were always gathered around the guy, listening to the nonsense spewing out of his mouth.

When he went to church the following day, he prayed that God would take this man out of the earshot of the public, and he didn’t see him around for the entire next week. So, when he saw him outside of the office on the following Tuesday, it invoked feelings of both fear and anger. Anger because he didn’t want anyone to be misled by this man, and fear because he worried that Satan himself had put this man in his path as a means of temptation. As far as he was concerned, the devil could just take that man straight back to hell where he belonged. He was too strong in his faith to be led astray by this man’s insane ramblings.

His feelings of anger were especially intensified, because he was headed out to lunch with a few of his coworkers and the man just walked right up to him and extended his hand as though they were buddies. Since his friends from work already thought that he was weird for talking so much about the Bible, he had to tamp down his automatic response and be polite. “I’ve seen you in the park many times, brother.”, said the man, “Even though you already know who I am, you can call me Immanuel. For such a believer, it surprises me that you are filled with so much doubt, even though you’ve heard me speaking on so many occasions. I’m going to keep coming to you until you hear the truth Matthew.” The fact that the guy knew his name utterly shocked him, but he brushed it off by telling himself that he had probably just overheard one of his friends call him by name.

While Matthew was pulling his hand away from the man, he could hear his coworkers snickering. He didn’t even bother replying to ‘Immanuel’, but simply turned his back on him and glared at his friends. All the way to the restaurant, they teased him about the Jesus in blue jeans. He squashed his growing anger by reminding himself of how important it was to turn the other cheek.  His friends finally stopped teasing him when their food arrived at the table, which is what he had been praying for. Before taking his first bite of food, he added a thank you to God for answering his plea to end his torment and asked that the man wasn’t there when they got back to the office.

Much to his delight, the man was nowhere to be seen. By the time he left for the day, he had completely forgotten about the ordeal. Over the course of the week though, Immanuel was waiting for him outside the office every day. By the time Friday had rolled around, he went to lunch by himself, leaving a little later than his coworkers so that he was able to give him a piece of his mind. As he expected, he was waiting for him. Matthew looked at him and smiled, but kept walking so that he could get him at least a little bit away from the office.

When they reached the corner, Matthew turned on the guy. “Look, you piece of garbage. I am going to make myself clear, so listen up. You are not Jesus, or Immanuel, or whatever the hell you want to call yourself. You are an agent of the devil, and I’m going to make it my mission to get you to stop leading God’s flock astray.”

Immanuel lowered his head with a sad look on his face before replying. “My heart is saddened, friend. I don’t know how else to try to get through to you. It is you, not me, who is leading the flock astray. I’ve been watching over the last few thousand years and patiently hoping that all of you would catch on to the way that your fellow man has perverted my message. Things have gone too far for me to wait any longer, so I had to come. I’m not giving up on you Matthew. I’ll leave you for today, but I ask that you please think about the things you’ve heard me say.”

With that Immanuel turned and walked away, leaving Matthew to stomp off in a huff. Instead of going to eat, he went to the parking garage and sat in his car praying, asking God why he was testing him so greatly. He felt like it was almost too much to bear. As he sat in his car, he knew what he was going to have to do if things continued the way that they had been. Upon looking at the clock he saw that he was almost going to be late getting back to work, so he rushed back to the office to finish the day. After telling everyone that he was on a deadline and wasn’t to be disturbed, he went into his office and closed the door for the rest of the day.

He was so distracted that he lost track of time, and when he noticed that it was almost seven, he rushed out of the office and drove home. Upon pulling up to his apartment building, he only parking spot that he could find was around the side of the building next to the dumpster. He heard some rustling in the darkness and turned. Immanuel stepped out from behind the bushes. Immediately, the man began spouting off the error of Matthew’s beliefs…about how it wasn’t God, but man who had placed the messages of judgement and hatred in the Bible. He even had the nerve to tell Matthew that there was no such place as hell, and that people certainly would be sent there for the reasons everyone believed that they would if it did exist.

Matthew had all that he could take. So, he reached into his bag and pulled out the Swiss army knife that he kept there. He rounded on the guy with a reddened face, clenched his teeth, and said, “You are the antichrist! I asked God today in my prayers to make you appear tonight if I was right about you, and there you are.”

Immanuel begged him to think about what he was doing, but his pleas fell on deaf ears. Matthew opened the knife and began wildly stabbing the man. When Immanuel crumpled to the ground, Matthew finally calmed down. He stood over the fallen man, asking God to tell him what to do with the body. While he waited for the answer to come to him, he noticed that there were some strange things happening. As the blood continued to flow out of the man on the ground, much to Matthew’s horror, marks of the stigmata began to appear on the man’s body.

As the police pulled up to the scene, Matthew was still screaming and crying, begging for forgiveness. When he asked the officers if they saw the marks, they said that they couldn’t, which was their testimony in court. After he was found guilty at trial and the judge asked if he’d like to make a statement, Matthew begged to be put to death for what he had done. “I killed Jesus and deserve to be put to death for my sin. I now know that he was not the antichrist, I am.”

“In light of your statement, Mr. Abbadon, I am finding you to be not guilty by reason of mental defect and sentence you to life in the mental wing of the prison.”

Matthew cried out, begging the judge to change his mind, to no avail. As they placed him in his cell and locked the door, Matthew realized how just this punishment was, because death would have been a mercy compared to where he would spend the rest of his days.

The Coffee Shop

Every weekend, he found going to his favorite coffee shop irresistible. Of course, the coffee was good but it was the baked goods that kept him coming back. The variety was incredible and everything he tried was beyond delicious. He kept telling himself that he was going to set up an appointment to see his doctor, but found the pull of the coffee shop to be too much for him to take out the time to do so. For the past several months he had been experiencing odd gaps in his memory and a few of his friends told him that he had been acting very out of character.

He brushed off the idea of his acting out of character, but the gaps in memory were definitely troubling. The thing which both stumped him the most, yet at the same time made it easy for him to avoid a trip to the doctor’s office was that all of this only seemed to happen on the weekends. This didn’t mean that it didn’t matter to him, but since it wasn’t interfering with his performance at work he didn’t have all that much of an incentive to take a day out of his weekends to sit in the doctor’s office when there were other things that he’d rather be doing. The morning ritual of going to the coffee shop on the weekend had become the one thing that was keeping him same with all of the stress at work.

Things had changed at the office, and the already stressful environment of the hospital had become much worse after the new administrator had taken over. The old administrator had been found murdered last year, and it was a sad time all around. He had been wonderful to work for, not only because he treated the staff well, but because even though he had to care about profit, he had never placed it before the well-being of the patients. The article in the newspaper had described the way that his old boss’s body had been found. Fortunately they had spared most of the gruesome details, but they did print the way that he had been found buried waist deep in a field behind the hospital. He simply couldn’t believe that someone could do something so monstrous, especially to a man as nice as Mr. Dennis had been.

He had just begun going to the coffee shop a few weeks before the murder had happened, and the distraction of being surrounded by people in such a warm, welcoming environment had been very helpful to him in dealing with his grief. It was around the same time that his gaps in memory had started and his friends began telling him how odd he was acting at times. At first, he had thought that all of it could be chalked up to the murder and the stressful changes at work, but as the months went on, he realized that he couldn’t blame all of those things on these events forever. One of these days, he’d take the time out to go to the doctor, but for now he just didn’t have it in him to bother going through the ordeal of all of the possible tests he may be facing to get it all figured out.

For the next few weekends, starting tonight, he and his friends were going to be going out to one of their favorite clubs on Saturday nights because there were some bands playing that they had all been waiting to see for a while. On that morning, he made his usual trip to the coffee shop. They had some freshly baked apple turnovers. He couldn’t resist having one. Eating it brought back such good memories for him. His favorite grandmother used to make apple turnovers when he was young and he hadn’t had one in years. The smell and taste evoked so many fond memories for him. For the rest of the day, until it was time to meet his friends for the show, he ran some errands. They all had a great time listening to the music and having some drinks.

The next day, his best friend called and asked if he could come over for a little while. He said that he wanted to show him a funny video from the night before. The video showed him talking in this weird little old lady voice, calling everyone names like dear and sweetie. His friend told him that this was a mild example of how out of character he acted sometimes. While he thought it odd, he told his friend that he thought that it was just a result of having too much to drink and feeling silly. His best friend shrugged, finished his beer, and left after a little random chatting. As soon as his friend left, he forgot all about it, even thinking that his friend was a little bit of a jerk for making a big deal of him letting his hair down a bit.

The following week went by quickly, which he was grateful for. The new boss was a real ball buster. It was so bad, that he was even thinking of trying to find a new job, even though he had happily been there for ten years before everything changed. After falling into bed early on Friday night, he was more than ready to get up on Saturday and go for coffee. Today, they had scones. Even though some people found them to be plain, he had always enjoyed them. He spent the afternoon catching up on some neglected housework until it was time for his friends to come pick him up for the show. They were going to ride together that night, and have a designated driver in light of how much they had all had to drink the previous week. It was another good show. Just like last week though, he didn’t remember all of it. There were bits and pieces of the evening missing, just as they had been last week.

Just as the last week had been, his best friend had called to ask if he could come over to show him a video. At first he said no, because he had no desire to be needlessly embarrassed over silly behavior, and had even told him as much. His friend cut him off and told him that he wasn’t trying to embarrass him and that he knew that he’d want to see this one. He reluctantly agreed, and couldn’t believe his eyes and ears as he watched the video. In it, he was speaking in a British accent, talking about how vile and disgusting whores were and that they all needed to be eradicated from the face of the earth as he watched some scantily dressed girls dancing to the music. He was in a state of shock! Normally he loved watching the girls dancing at shows. Now, he was beginning to understand why his friends had voiced some concerns about his behavior. He thanked his friend for showing the video to him as he was leaving and vowed to call and make a doctor’s appointment on Monday.

When he got to the office the following day, the first thing he did was call to schedule his appointment. They didn’t have anything available for the following weekend, but he was able to get something scheduled for the one after that. There were no more shows for the next few weeks, so at least he wouldn’t be humiliating himself in front of his friends anymore. He kept his routine as simple as possible, even taking his stuff from the coffee shop home to eat just in case. He certainly didn’t want to make a scene in front of everyone there.

The following Saturday finally arrived and he went to see his doctor. After telling his doctor heard him out, he told him that it sounded like the effects of stress more than anything else. He ordered some blood work, just to be sure there was nothing that he was missing, but referred him to a psychologist to talk about what was going on. Things continued the same as they had been, even though he had been going for therapy for a few months. Every weekend he went to the coffee shop and every weekend, his friends told him that he had been acting like a completely different person. He didn’t tell his therapist, because he was sure that he’d be found to be insane, but he had been taking notes about what he had been eating and found that his personality changed according to what he had eaten at the coffee shop. There were certain things that he avoided because each time he had them, the after-effects were very unpleasant.

After another grueling week of work, he went to the coffee shop on Saturday morning and noticed that they had a treat which he hadn’t had in about a year. When he had visited Indonesia in his early twenties, he had gotten hooked on a dessert called putri mandi, which were rice balls soaked in coconut milk. He remembered that he had found them there once before, about a year ago, not long after he had discovered the shop. That was a memorable day as he had never seen them anywhere other than Indonesia, and had even thought of making them himself but since he didn’t care for cooking, he hadn’t bothered. On that morning about a year ago, he had met the owner of the shop. She was a lady, probably in her fifties. He had found her to be friendly but weird. She had said something about how opening a coffee shop had been a lifelong dream of hers, and that she had put in many years of study to learn how to put personality into the baked goods. He found that to be an odd choice of words, but attributed to the ramblings of an eccentric older woman.

He ordered several of the putri mandi and gobbled them down like there was no tomorrow. Sunday was an uneventful day, spent doing mundane things that there just wasn’t time for during the week. On Monday, he stopped and bought a newspaper on the way to work. Before he could even sit down to read it, he was stopped by several coworkers who told him about how the new boss had been found murdered and halfway buried, just like their old boss had last year. He numbly made his way to his desk and opened the newspaper to see the story plastered to the front page. As he sat at his desk, his mind flashed back to a story he had read when he had been in Indonesia about a serial killer by the name of Ahmad Suradji who had buried his victims in the same way. It couldn’t be him though, because upon looking him up, they had executed him in 2008. All of a sudden it hit him…he had eaten the same thing the day before his old boss’s body had been found. Even though he had only been at work for an hour, he signed himself out and left, heading for the coffee shop.

When he got there, he asked to see the owner. After a few minutes, she came out and sat down with him. He looked at her and noticed that she had a weird, almost sinister smile on her face. She asked how she could help him, so he asked her what she had meant when she had made the statement about taking many years to learn to put personality into the baked goods. After a few moments, she asked him if he worked at the hospital. He told her that he did. She then asked him if he had been the one who had eaten the putri mandi. His reply to her was that he had a feeling that she knew that he had. He then repeated his question to her about putting the personality in the baked goods. She asked him if he had ever heard of ilmu hatam. He had not.

She went on to tell him that she had spent about ten years of her life in Indonesia studying black magic, and that one of the things that she had learned was how to summon and trap the souls of people who were deceased. After she came back to the United States, she started experimenting on placing them in baked goods. She explained that the reason that she decided to do it that way was that the spirit only stayed present in the person consuming the pastry for as long as it took to digest. He was horrified, and told her that he was going to go to the police. The woman laughed loudly and asked if he honestly thought that the police would believe him or simply lock him up for the murders of his two bosses. He knew that she was right and asked her to leave him alone from then on. She told him that her baked goods had been an experiment in progress, and that now that she knew that it actually worked she would be much more selective in who would partake in them. She even apologized and offered him something which would wipe his memory of all of this.

Even though he was terrified to trust anything from her, he knew that he wouldn’t be able to live with himself knowing that he had been the one who had killed both of his bosses. So, he followed her into a back room and watched as she prepared a tea for him to drink. Before she placed the tea before him, she told him not to drink it until he got home. “To play it on the safe side, I’m going to place a banishing spell on you to be sure that you never set foot in my shop again”. He told her that he appreciated that. As he was walking out the door to the back room, she apologized one last time and told him to be sure that he didn’t tell anyone about any of this before he was able to drink the tea. He laughed ironically and asked her if she thought he was stupid. “There’s no way I’d take the chance of telling anyone. First, no one would believe me. Second, you scare the hell out of me.” Without another word or glance, he left the shop and went straight home. As soon as he locked the door behind him, he took the lid off of the tea-cup and drank it straight down without taking a breath.


I made my first altered creepy doll last month and she’s perfect for Halloween, so I decided to post her here. A good friend of mine gave me a few old dolls, and it was so much fun altering her that I know I’ll be doing more. Ophelia is an old porcelain doll that I used acrylic paint, markers, dirt, and a nice mud puddle to turn her into what you see below.

Come On In

Welcome my darlings to the first day of our tryst

You’ve heard the sly whispers and couldn’t resist

For the next 30 days our voices of horror will enter your mind

Try to resist if you will, but no refuge you’ll find

The ghosts and demons within will haunt you from day to night

After all what is October without a good fright?

Attempting to hide will only make things worse

For the ghouls found within have an insatiable thirst

They’ll feed on your fear, and feast on your soul

Not resting until they’ve consumed you whole

You can hide under your bed

Or pull the covers over your head

They’ll simply laugh as they growl, for they’re all knowing, very undead

We do hope that you’ll enjoy the twisted tales and screams

As we’ll be here to horrify you ’till Halloween.

Under The Mask

It was Halloween night, and as was the yearly tradition, there was a costume ball being held at the old Murphy mansion. James was excited because he had finally gotten an invitation, after three years of trying to get in. He had just moved to Wellstown five years ago to take the position as CEO of the large construction firm which belonged to the family for which the mansion was named. Technically, the mansion still belonged to the family, but no one had actually lived in it for the last ten years. The family had decided to open it up to the public on special occasions and the occasional tour.

As he had gotten used to know some of the family, he had found himself intrigued by one of the female members of the family. Her name was Anna, and she was the niece of old man Murphy. She had only come into the office about ten times in the five years that he had worked for the family, but he found himself thinking of her from time to time. As many men in town were, James was stunned by Anna’s beauty. It was just so hard to get to know a lot of the people in town though. Especially the ones who ran in the same circles as the Murphy’s. They were a little clannish in this small town, and even though he held a high position in the company, he had never been invited to any of the party’s which they had hosted in the time that he’d known them. They were polite enough to him, but they didn’t really accept him as part of their group of friends and family.

So, when he had gotten the invitation, he was surprised. Especially since Anna had come into the office and hand delivered it herself. She had handed him the envelope and said that she hoped he could make it, and that she was looking forward to sharing a dance or two. James had asked how he would know who she was, since the ball would be masked as well as costumed. Anna grinned at him and told him not to worry…that she would find him. As she walked away from him, leaving a cloud of perfume James sat in a half dazed state for a while, intoxicated by her.

His excitement about being included on the guest list mounted until the day arrived.  James had gone to a specialty men’s shop and gotten a vintage looking men’s tux altered. It was midnight black with deep burgandy crushed velvet accents. He had even found a mask to match. At 7 p.m. on Halloween night, he left to make the 15 minute drive to the mansion. Upon his arrival, he was flabbergasted by the ornate yet classic decorations, both outside and in. As soon as he stepped into the foyer, a uniformed butler stepped forward to take his cape. Before the man had stepped away from him, a familiar female figure approached. Anna didn’t even have to utter a word. He just knew that it was her.

They began to laugh as soon as they said hello, because somehow they had managed to wear matching costumes. He couldn’t get over how beautiful she looked in her form fitting black and burgandy Victorian ball gown…and her mask…it was adorned with copious amounts of feathers and rhinestones. Her costume was made complete by elbow length satin gloves and a gorgeous set of jewelry made of rubies and onyx. Hooking her arm through his, she led him to the bar for a drink before taking him around the room for introductions. As soon as they had made their rounds, she led him out to the veranda and told him that she had been attracted to him since he had arrived in town. He was astonished that a woman as beautiful as she was felt that way. It wasn’t as though he were unattractive, he just had always felt that she was way out of his league.

As the night wore on they had a great time together, dancing and mingling with the other guests. At just a few minutes before midnight, she leaned in and whispered in his ear, “Do you want to go find someplace private?”

She didn’t need to ask him twice! Anna led him downstairs into the basement area. James found it a bit odd that she would choose the old, unfinished basement when there was an entire mansion to choose from. He figured that her reasoning for doing so was probably that it wasn’t likely that anyone else would come down here. They walked through the dimly lit basement, clear through to the back corner or the house. When they arrived at a thick metal door, she reached out and slid it open. The room was pitch dark. James felt a little nervous, so he asked her where they were going. She put her finger to his lips and told him that they were almost there.

“It’ll be worth it James.”, she said.

He heard another door sliding open and thought to himself that he was glad that she knew where she was going. As they walked into the chamber, he noticed that the room was flickering with candlelight and that there was a large table in the center of the room surrounded by several shadowy figures. This definitely made his heart beat faster. As he turned to go back out of the room, he heard the doors slamming shut.

Before he could ask her what was going on Anna said, “Tonight James, you are about to fill a very important role in this community. We know how much you’ve wanted to be included in our group, and even though it may not be as you expected, you’ll be pleased to know that you’ve made the cut”.

As soon as she uttered those words, a large man stepped forward holding a gleaming silver blade. James stepped backward, only to find himself being restrained by two more large men. The two men holding his arms forced him over to the table and pushed him down onto its surface. That was when old man Murphy stepped forward from the darkness.

“James, now that we’re all here it’s time to tell you the truth. Every person in this room is at least 200 years old. About every fifty years or so we hire a new CEO, which in our case stands for chief executive offering. All of us have made a pact. The details of that pact are irrelevant to you, except for the part which we’ve brought you here to fulfill. In order for us to remain among the living to fulfill our end of the pact, we have to make a sacrifice about every fifty years. You are that sacrifice. We are going to cut you and drain you of blood, which we will consume. The unfortunate part of this is that we are not permitted to kill you before taking your blood, because the other party to our pact requires a living person to consume. When my ancestors first came to this country, one of my forefathers made a deal with some of the Natives in order to live longer and create a legacy for the family. As a result, he turned into a Wendigo and requires human flesh to keep the bloodline strong and prosperous. So, tonight you will be most useful in your role as CEO”.

Before James could scream, someone shoved a gag into his mouth. He could feel the cuts of what felt like twenty knives all over his skin. People were stepping forward to catch the blood in ornate goblets and guzzled it down. As his vision began to fade, a creature stepped out from the deepest recesses of the room. He knew at that moment, that everything that old man Murphy had said was the truth. Completely helpless, he watched the Wendigo step close to him with its teeth bared. The only mercy in this entire evening was that when the Wendigo took its first, and fatal bite it went for his neck. He could hear the crunch, before the lights went out of his eyes.