Again, Changes Are Coming Here At Sisters

Hello there, dear readers.

We come to the end of another Halloween…and Tracy and I (Tabitha) sat down (on the phone) together and had a conversation about where we see Sisters heading in the future.

Next year, we won’t be having the “scarefest” bits and pieces…our focus is going to shift to more witchy fair–as in modern witchy, not horror, not fiction–we’ll be writing about real-life witchiness on the non-fiction scale…

One thing we are still debating is WHERE this writing will take place…will it be here at Sisters…or will it be over at our other blog, Sisters of Wyrd.

We are pondering — do we keep Sisters here in case we feel like throwing up some fiction?  Or do we do away with Sisters and let her lie as she is now, just an archive shadow of her former glory?

Let us know what you think in the comments…do we keep sisters–do we keep sisters for the witchy non-fiction–do we keep sisters for witchy fiction?

Thanks for standing with us all these years.  We hope you follow along on our new journey…



Repost From Sisters Of Wyrd: Chapter Three: Breakfast

The waitress made her way back to the table which Minerva and Martin shared. Minerva was always ravenous after a night of work. People didn’t realize how much energy it took to use psychic abilities and communicate with the dead. She placed her order for Belgian waffles, bacon, eggs, and a side of hash browns. When the waitress asked if she’d like a refill on her hot chocolate, she said yes. Martin smiled at her, and she narrowed her eyes at him as if to say, don’t go there. Her lips curled up in a smile. He has always been amazed at the amount of food the tiny woman consumed, and liked to tease her that she was going to wake up one morning with a giant butt.

Martin, as always, ordered a biscuit and a very rare steak. Minerva waited for the waitress to leave before pretend kicking him in the shin under the table.

“I just know that you were imagining me with a big ass again.”, she said.

He laughed and told her that he had. While they waited, she told him more about Steve’s situation.

“He truly misses his wife, Maria. I just don’t know if he’ll be able to go through with what it takes to bring her back.”

When she finished telling him about the conversation she’d had with her new client, Martin told her that he would be willing to bet that the man would ask to get his wife back. Over the years, Martin had seen enough people in mourning to know that there were some who just couldn’t bear to finish out their time on this earth without their partners. These were the ones who people liked to refer to as soul mates. It wasn’t that their lives weren’t complete without their mates, it was just that they formed such a deep bond that when one of them died, the piece of their partner that they took with them was too great for them to know true happiness without them.

They grew quiet when the food arrived. As with every busy night, Minerva demolished her food with a fervor which precluded conversation. Martin however, sat across from her, sipping his coffee and slowly savoring a large bite of his steak. When the waitress came back to clear the table, Martin asked for a container.

“You always eat like a bird hon.”, said the waitress. “I don’t know how the two of you look the way you do.”

As soon as the words had left her lips, the waitress apologized profusely. Minerva and Martin burst into laughter.

Martin said, “Please don’t be sorry. I find what you said to be both true and funny.”

She looked relieved as she cleared Minerva’s plate and went to get Martin’s container. When she had come back with it and taken their money, they resumed their conversation. Minerva told Martin that she would let him know how things went tomorrow night after work. Martin gave her a slow grin and told her that he’d be there waiting. Gathering their things, the two old friends made their way out the door. After Minerva got into her car, Martin made his way over to the bushes by his car where a feral cat and her kittens lived, and spat out the steak. He could hear them squabbling over it. Hurriedly, he reached into his pocket, took out the baggie of cat food he’d brought along, and poured it into the bushes before someone lost an eye. Then he went through the gap in the bushes into the park and handed the container, along with ten dollars to the woman who slept on one of the benches.  After his task was completed, he got into his car to drive home. The sky was just beginning to lighten as he closed the front door and turned the deadbolt.


Ha! My neighbors won’t stop talking about how weird they think I am. If they only knew. Some of them are repelled by me, which is exactly as I want it. Their energy leaves a bad taste in my mouth when I get close enough to them to breathe the same air as they do. I’ve been told that they think that they are hurting my feelings when they ignore me or give me nasty looks. Quite the opposite. I am always grateful for the wide berth, and am not opposed to creating that wide berth myself when need be.

Every now and then I encounter someone who is easier to be near, but I even need breaks from them. Often. Even the nice ones just can’t quite seem to relate to me, even though at times they seem to be drawn to me like a moth to a flame. A few of them have told me that something just feels different about me, but they can’t put their finger on it. That’s fine, because I can’t truly relate to them either. So, I spend most of my time going quietly about my business.

What business, you might ask? Well, it’s hard to explain, but I will try. I go around taking measurements. Energy measurements. There are wild fluctuations which even though most people aren’t truly aware of them, they still feel them. These fluctuations have a major impact, and much of the time it isn’t good. As seems to be the case with just about everything here, the negative seems to have an easier time of amplifying than the positive. My job is to measure, then use my tools to equalize the energy.

Some of the people are transmitting such high levels of negative energy, that it has been almost devastating. The things that they do to one another, to the planet, to the wildlife…they’re unspeakable, but much of it comes from lack of understanding or unresolved issues from things they’ve experienced. Then you have the rare handful who are simply negative energy transmitters. These ones only seem to relate to one another, and even then, they’d stab one another in the back, literally, if it meant reaching their objective.

The commander tried to prepare me for what I would encounter when I came to this planet, but it is something that you can only prepare for so much. I can see why we had to come here. There is so much to be neutralized. Most of the things that go on here are things that we’ve never encountered where I’m from. Now, the handful of negative transmitters are something I’ve encountered before. Luckily for us, they were eradicated from our planet thousands of years ago. It only took us a few days to get rid of them, but humans just aren’t quite equipped to figure it out…yet.

Part of the equalization of energy which is taking place here is done by charging the humans who are essentially good beings, which is the largest number of them by the way. Many of them get what they need simply by walking by us because we naturally transmit the energy from us into them. There are the stubborn ones, and the ones who’ve been through too much to be able to safely handle it. Those are the ones we take aboard our ships. We help them, then we bring them back. Once the humans have been restored, they help us with the mission, even though most of them aren’t fully aware of what is going on.

Those few that I talked about earlier, the dark ones, well, most wouldn’t want to know what we do with them. It’s best that I don’t even write about that here, just in case someone finds this log before I go back home, which hopefully won’t be too much longer. Once we get the balance restored we can leave, and the humans can finish the job of saving themselves. Shit, here comes another one. “Transmitter on.”

Repost From Sisters Of Wyrd: Chapter One : Your Perfume Lingers

It feels like it has been forever since she has been gone, and at the same time as though she will be walking right behind me through that bedroom door every night. Of all of the times of day, I think that the end of the evening is the worst. Just four short weeks ago, we were still crawling into bed at night and catching up with each other about how our day had gone. We shared so much…trials, triumphs, and everything in between.

In the blink of an eye, it was all gone. She had been coming home from work later than usual because of a stupid staff meeting that had gone over. Around a mile from the house, a drunk driver had been weaving her way home from the bar and crossed the double line. There was nowhere that Maria could have gone to get out of her path. So, the intoxicated woman had taken Maria away from me when she plowed into her head on. Little did I know that she had also taken out our unborn daughter. That must have been the thing that she had told me she had wanted to talk to me about that night.

For the thirty third night in a row, I crawled into our big bed alone. Even though it’s gross, I just haven’t been able to think about changing the sheets and blankets yet.

“Oh Maria”, said Steve, “your perfume lingers, it loiters on your soft pillows…and strawberry lip gloss…our favorite taste. I must have…”

Before he could complete his thought, Steve collapsed into mournful tears. This bed, this house, it was all too empty without her. He had gone to grief counseling, talked to his family and friends, tried to keep himself occupied, and forced himself to sit with his feelings. All to no avail. A few nights ago, he had done something which he felt ashamed of. Something he’d never done before, and something which no one would understand.

He had gone into the fortune teller’s shop down by the river one evening on his way home this evening. His mind so desperately wanted to believe that Maria still lived on beside him…somehow. That she was with him, that she knew how much he loved and missed her. So he had walked in, feeling both excited and nervous at the same time. When he entered into the darkened room and sat down at the table, the fortune teller had lit a few candles. At first, he had thought that it was all an act, but then she had started talking about things which no one but he and his wife could possibly know…including the pregnancy.

While it had made him feel a little better, it had also made him feel as though he were losing her all over again when he had to leave. As he was walking out of the door with his head held down, the fortune teller called out to him. When he turned, she was waving him back into the chair he’d just vacated.

“Would you like to see your wife again? Have her come home to you? It wouldn’t be exactly the same, but I could help your wife to come back to you. This is something that not many people know about, and few would believe. So, if you decide to do this, you could tell no one…and no one could know about it. You would either have to make sure that she was never seen or you’d have to leave town and go somewhere that no one knew the two of you.”

Steve sat there looking at the woman as though she were crazy. When he looked up into her eyes though, he could tell that this wasn’t a joke.

“What is involved? How much would it cost? What would it be like?”, he asked.

She explained to him that it was best that he didn’t know what was involved, and that she wouldn’t charge him anything for it.

“It’s against the code for me to charge any money for this. All I would need to know is where she is buried. I’d also need for you to promise me that you would follow the set of rules to the letter”, said the raven haired woman.

While he was letting this all sink in, she sat across from him studying his face and adjusting her long purple dress. Finally, he raised his head and told her that he would think it over that night and come back the following evening at the same time to let her know what his answer was.

Where Shall You End Up?

When the sun goes down and the moon rises

You will find that we spirits wear many disguises

From moving shadows on the wall, to footfalls on the stairs

In us you should believe, and take great care

They told you these were merely flights of fancy

But some of you hear our voices, and watch our nightly dances

The non-believers would have you think we’re not real

Just wait until we show them the big reveal

For our big night is just a few weeks away

And the plan is to rattle them, hear them shriek in dismay

But you know better, don’t you dear pet

Even you though, haven’t seen anything yet

Don’t try to ponder what it is that we want from you

Because when our night comes, you’ll do as you feel called to do

You might wonder whether this is a good or bad thing

We’ll either drag you to into the depths, or help you sprout wings

Whether you soar high above or sink into the dark

Will largely depend on the openness of your heart

For we are neither black nor white, not pink or blue

Your destination is completely up to you

This journey is yours, we only keep the gates

Will you figure that out before its too late?

Basement Dweller

As soon as she arrived at the almost 100 year old building, she knew that she was moving into a place which had contained a lot of darkness in its past. The energy of the spirits contained within the brick walls of the building slapped her like a ton of bricks as soon as she stepped out of the moving truck in the back alley to unload her possessions. In all of her years of being a medium, she had encountered a lot of things, but nothing quite like this. The very ground beneath her feet felt like it was emanating an almost painful, but definitely nauseating, electric feeling which coursed through her entire body, and she hadn’t even set foot inside yet. How had she missed it in all the times she had looked at online photos of the building?

It didn’t take her long to answer her own question. She had wanted out of where she had been so badly, that she simply ignored the warning bells. After her divorce, she had moved back to her hometown, and had ended up staying longer than she had originally intended. She had always hated it there, and it hadn’t gotten any better in the years that she had been away. Too many bad memories, too many people who she truly disliked, and absolutely nothing to do which felt like it fed her soul with anything positive.

The town which she had chosen to move to had a lot to offer, at least on paper. She had only been there once for a few days and it felt okay, but she hadn’t even laid eyes on the building that she was moving in to. Not that she could remember anyway. Now though, she was here. She just told herself to make the best of it, and hoped that the energy would feel better inside than it did outside. Her hopes of that were quickly dashed as soon as she walked in the back door of the building with her first load of boxes. The energy inside was every bit as bad as it had been outside. This place was full of spirits. One of the first things she wanted to do when she got her things into her new apartment was to burn some sage, but she had to wait a few days until her family, who had helped her to move left.

As she settled in, she began to get used to a lot of the spirits roaming the halls of the building. Even though several of them were suicides and one was a murder victim, she had reached an agreement of peaceful co-existence with them. Very early on, they made it clear to her that they wouldn’t be leaving so the best that she could do was tell them that she would leave them alone and ask that they return the favor. In the almost ten years that she’d been burning sage, she went through more of it in this place in the first year than she had in the previous five. Despite all of this, it was still better here than it had been to be back in her hometown.

Not long after the one year anniversary of moving in, she encountered something unlike anything she had ever ran into before. Well, that wasn’t entirely true. She had once come across something which she could only describe as a land spirit and it had wreaked havoc with her until she started leaving gifts for it. Once it understood that she wasn’t staying forever, wouldn’t try to make it leave, and would leave it offerings until she was gone, there was a truce. The thing in the basement of this new place though, was nothing short of sheer evil nastiness.

She was coming inside the back door one night at around ten o’clock and felt a rush of cold air blow by her. As she turned to see what was causing it, she saw a large black mass shoot past her. At first she wasn’t too concerned, but when she made it to the elevator to go up to her apartment, it attacked while she was waiting. She felt excruciating pain in her head and chest, along with an icy coldness as it squeezed her. As this was going on, her levels of nausea rose to a level that she was ready to throw up. Thankfully, the elevator opened then and she got on and the sensations which had been overtaking her eased up a bit.

After that night, she encountered what she dubbed the basement dweller several times a year. Always in the Fall, and it was always every bit as nasty as that first time. She still doesn’t know what it is, other than that it had never been human and that she was to leave it alone. Until this day, she is still waiting to find a new place to move. In the meantime, all she can do is keep the space behind her own closed door as clear as she can with her sage and other tools…and hope beyond hope that she doesn’t have to wait long for the elevator when she has to be out at night in the Fall.



The Monster You Fear

This monster will always find you

No matter where you are, or what you do

You need to know that there’s nowhere to hide

For the monster that you fear the most will always dwell inside

Did you really think that I lived underneath the bed?

Silly mortal human, I’ve always been inside your head

The evil which has crept up on you, catching you by surprise

Doesn’t come from some mysterious dark place, it’s right behind your eyes

It waits for you to see the things which cause deep pain within your heart

And rips its way into the world, to tear everything apart

It may be hard for you to believe

But you’ve spent your days being cunningly deceived

You’ve been mine since before you came out of the womb

And with you I’ll stay ’till you’ve entered your tomb

You were promised to me to pay off someone’s debt

Try to escape, it’ll be your biggest regret

Someday, yes someday, you will be free

But for now you are mine and for now, you are me.