Are You Wondering Where We Are This Year?

Frankly, at times, so are we.

It’s been a rough wild year for all of us at Sisters In The Shadows.

We are fighting pain, flare-ups, illness, changes in direction, changes of heart, physical issues, metaphysical issues, living arrangements…all sorts of tushie over tea kettle stuff.

We had been planning a different direction during and right after the last Halloween…and then…shift happened and keeps happening.

Will we return this year?

Only if things pop up and we post them (as Evangeline did earlier this month).

No promises there.

Will we return next year?

That honestly depends on where we all end up once all the physical ick, the mental ick, the spiritual WTF, and everything else settles down and we feel like coming back for a new round of Halloween.

We will keep you updated as we figure things out.

Until then…

Happy Halloween and Blessed Samhain.



Again, Changes Are Coming Here At Sisters

Hello there, dear readers.

We come to the end of another Halloween…and Tracy and I (Tabitha) sat down (on the phone) together and had a conversation about where we see Sisters heading in the future.

Next year, we won’t be having the “scarefest” bits and pieces…our focus is going to shift to more witchy fair–as in modern witchy, not horror, not fiction–we’ll be writing about real-life witchiness on the non-fiction scale…

One thing we are still debating is WHERE this writing will take place…will it be here at Sisters…or will it be over at our other blog, Sisters of Wyrd.

We are pondering — do we keep Sisters here in case we feel like throwing up some fiction?  Or do we do away with Sisters and let her lie as she is now, just an archive shadow of her former glory?

Let us know what you think in the comments…do we keep sisters–do we keep sisters for the witchy non-fiction–do we keep sisters for witchy fiction?

Thanks for standing with us all these years.  We hope you follow along on our new journey…



Oh Wait….Did You Think We’d Forgotten About You?

Oh, dear little children, you think we have forgotten about you?

You think we don’t know what scares you…what thrills you…


You think we’ve forgotten how to steal your breath away?


Think again…


Halloween is coming….


Only 34 days until the next fright-fest begins…


Will you join us for the ride?

The Journey

Welcome back! I’m so glad that you are here.  Did you enjoy yourself the last time?  Maybe you should have another one. I’ll arrange it for you. Follow me to get started on your journey.  You know that you will be gone for several days. Have you made arrangements for your absence? Good!  Let’s get started then shall we?

It was best if you didn’t ask a lot of questions about the journey. Ever since the Aliens took control of the earth, you had to have your brain reprogrammed every three months, until you could no longer remember what  your life was like before the invasion. The people that resisted going on the journey were never seen again.

It was all our fault. They warned us over and over again and we didn’t listen. Most of the earth was destroyed, well most of the people were killed and the ones that survived had to go on the journey. I have been on three of these journeys now. Just when my hair has started to grow long enough to hide the scars, it’s time to go again.

You know what? It really isn’t that bad. There are beautiful trees and flowers and parks everywhere. But…the thing that I don’t like at all is that I’m starting to look like them.

Well, it’s time to go. Are you going next?

Things That Wake You In The Night (From The Fabrication Of Your Dreams)

You hear the floor boards creak,

It makes your heart race and your knees weak.

You lay in bed not wanting to investigate,

When you hear another noise that you hate.

You never did find out where it comes from,

The dreaded drip…drip…drip and it makes you numb.

I’m so very tired, my eyes want to close,

But I don’t dare, I don’t want to doze.

Maybe for just a minute I will rest,

Not wanting to sleep, my eyes protest.

The next thing I know, the sunlight

Awakens me with a fright.

Jumping out of bed, putting slippers on my feet,

Grab a robe from the door, stub my toe on the love seat.

Once out in the hall, I walk to the stairs that go to the attic,

My breath starts to quicken and I start to panic.

At one time, I used to play up there,

Now I’m older when out of the blue it scares me, its so unfair.

For the first time the noise starts during the day,

Drip…drip…drip. I’ve had it and rush through the doorway.

When who do I see at the top of the stairs but Morgan le Fay.

She was the stuff that dreams are made of.

I had been reading about King Arthur, Avalon and his true love.

The drip…drip…drip…was coming from the Lady of the Lake,

As she collected her offerings she made them all quake.

She gave Arthur his sword Excalibur at the urging of Merlin,

Now I understood the noises I heard and I was certain.

It was the imagination that comes from reading a good tale

With a touch of magic from Merlin and from me an exhale.


The fluttering sound of their wings

Vampire Bat

Go by in the night with other things

Flying past you in the sky

A streak of black in the blink of an eye

Bats only come out at night

And they dance in a gossamer flight

Their wings are light but strong

Sometimes their night flights are long

The bat swoops down to catch its meal

And it turn it makes you squeal

It comes so near

Do you want to hear?

Watch, listen and learn

Bat Sounds