Ha! My neighbors won’t stop talking about how weird they think I am. If they only knew. Some of them are repelled by me, which is exactly as I want it. Their energy leaves a bad taste in my mouth when I get close enough to them to breathe the same air as they do. I’ve been told that they think that they are hurting my feelings when they ignore me or give me nasty looks. Quite the opposite. I am always grateful for the wide berth, and am not opposed to creating that wide berth myself when need be.

Every now and then I encounter someone who is easier to be near, but I even need breaks from them. Often. Even the nice ones just can’t quite seem to relate to me, even though at times they seem to be drawn to me like a moth to a flame. A few of them have told me that something just feels different about me, but they can’t put their finger on it. That’s fine, because I can’t truly relate to them either. So, I spend most of my time going quietly about my business.

What business, you might ask? Well, it’s hard to explain, but I will try. I go around taking measurements. Energy measurements. There are wild fluctuations which even though most people aren’t truly aware of them, they still feel them. These fluctuations have a major impact, and much of the time it isn’t good. As seems to be the case with just about everything here, the negative seems to have an easier time of amplifying than the positive. My job is to measure, then use my tools to equalize the energy.

Some of the people are transmitting such high levels of negative energy, that it has been almost devastating. The things that they do to one another, to the planet, to the wildlife…they’re unspeakable, but much of it comes from lack of understanding or unresolved issues from things they’ve experienced. Then you have the rare handful who are simply negative energy transmitters. These ones only seem to relate to one another, and even then, they’d stab one another in the back, literally, if it meant reaching their objective.

The commander tried to prepare me for what I would encounter when I came to this planet, but it is something that you can only prepare for so much. I can see why we had to come here. There is so much to be neutralized. Most of the things that go on here are things that we’ve never encountered where I’m from. Now, the handful of negative transmitters are something I’ve encountered before. Luckily for us, they were eradicated from our planet thousands of years ago. It only took us a few days to get rid of them, but humans just aren’t quite equipped to figure it out…yet.

Part of the equalization of energy which is taking place here is done by charging the humans who are essentially good beings, which is the largest number of them by the way. Many of them get what they need simply by walking by us because we naturally transmit the energy from us into them. There are the stubborn ones, and the ones who’ve been through too much to be able to safely handle it. Those are the ones we take aboard our ships. We help them, then we bring them back. Once the humans have been restored, they help us with the mission, even though most of them aren’t fully aware of what is going on.

Those few that I talked about earlier, the dark ones, well, most wouldn’t want to know what we do with them. It’s best that I don’t even write about that here, just in case someone finds this log before I go back home, which hopefully won’t be too much longer. Once we get the balance restored we can leave, and the humans can finish the job of saving themselves. Shit, here comes another one. “Transmitter on.”

The Journey

Welcome back! I’m so glad that you are here.  Did you enjoy yourself the last time?  Maybe you should have another one. I’ll arrange it for you. Follow me to get started on your journey.  You know that you will be gone for several days. Have you made arrangements for your absence? Good!  Let’s get started then shall we?

It was best if you didn’t ask a lot of questions about the journey. Ever since the Aliens took control of the earth, you had to have your brain reprogrammed every three months, until you could no longer remember what  your life was like before the invasion. The people that resisted going on the journey were never seen again.

It was all our fault. They warned us over and over again and we didn’t listen. Most of the earth was destroyed, well most of the people were killed and the ones that survived had to go on the journey. I have been on three of these journeys now. Just when my hair has started to grow long enough to hide the scars, it’s time to go again.

You know what? It really isn’t that bad. There are beautiful trees and flowers and parks everywhere. But…the thing that I don’t like at all is that I’m starting to look like them.

Well, it’s time to go. Are you going next?

The Werewolf

My legs were on fire. My back ached and my hips were being twisted out of the sockets. I was starting to change. Every month this happened, every full moon. I was a werewolf. I don’t remember when it first happened to me. You would think that I would remember something so painful. My shoulders were getting tight and the bones in my arms were growing longer. The total transformation wouldn’t take long now. Another hour or so and I would begin to howl at the moon. Then I would hunt.   halloween werewolf

The hair was starting to grow and all of my clothes were gone but it didn’t matter now. I could feel my teeth growing into fangs and my nails grew into thick sharp claws. The transformation was complete.

The moon glowed brightly through the thick forest canopy and I started a slow moaning howl. I could hear the animals panic and their hurried movement as they attempted to hide from me. The fast moving pace was only making me more driven to find them and tear them apart with my fangs. I started a slow lope through the thick foliage. When I got to a clearing I stopped and began to howl. I bared my fangs and growled in a deep-chested cry. I sniffed the air and all at once I could sense a big buck quaking in fear. I started moving slowly in that direction and when I got close enough, I pounced on the buck and sunk my fangs into his neck draining his blood before I tore him to shreds and left nothing but a few pieces of his fur and a bone or two on the forest floor.

Usually my first kill would appease me, so I didn’t understand why this didn’t happen. I was just as determined for that taste of blood, the thrill of the kill was even more important now than before. I sat down on my haunches to rest and think. Then it hit me. I started to get excited now. I had never killed one of them before. The animals had always satisfied me. I started off running, tearing through the overgrowth of weeds and small trees like they were nothing. Leaving a trail of destruction behind me.

Then I saw lights and I came to an abrupt halt. I watched for a while from the edge of the forest. There was a small house that was separate from the others. This is the one that I wanted, so I waited. I noticed movement in the window and then the back door opened. A man stepped onto the porch with a bag of trash. He walked down the steps and out to the trash can by the curb. I lunged at him and before he knew what was happening I sunk my fangs into his neck and took him into the forest.

I drained his blood and the excitement that filled me was more than I could have anticipated. I could hear myself making little growls of pleasure in my throat as I tore him apart. There was nothing left of him when I got done. With a smile on my face, I started a full, long howl. Then another and another.

I had never felt so complete. I heard a noise and turned toward the house. I saw a woman on the porch and heard her calling a name. It must have been the name of the man that I had just killed. I felt nothing. No remorse, no guilty conscience, just fulfillment.

It was time to leave. I would be turning back soon and I wanted to be close to home when the change happened. I had places to hide when I made the transfer. The transformation went quickly and before I left my hiding place I sat on a boulder in the cave. It had been an exciting evening.

After my rest, I walked slowly toward my house savoring the evening. Now at least I knew what I was going after when my monthly transformation came during the full moon. And you know what? I was fine with that. There were too many people anyway.

Two Doors Down

Two doors down in a rundown two story brick home, there was something going on that wasn’t right. Noises that shouldn’t have been there. Moans, groans, screams, doors slamming, and many things that I couldn’t describe but didn’t scare me.

No one would walk past that house. If they did have to go that way, they would cross the street and discreetly look at the house from a distance. It seemed as if the house had a mind of its own. If it noticed that someone was walking past, the door would open and it felt like it was beckoning that person to come inside.

Animals that were seen going into the gated yard were never seen again. It was like they never existed. Several times the town council would hire some contractor to demolish the house and they would arrive with their equipment only to leave before ever getting out of their vehicles. When asked why, they either wouldn’t or couldn’t say.

I hadn’t been paying much attention to the house lately. I was busy giving my walls a fresh coat of paint. On about the third day of painting, I took a much needed break and decided to walk to the curb to check my mail. As usual there was a stack of it. I went to the kitchen, put the mail on the table and went straight to the coffee pot. Sitting at the table sipping my coffee, I put the cup down and started going through the mail. Bills in one pile, junk in another pile. I stopped when I got to one with ornate script. There was no return address and when I turned the letter over, it was sealed with red sealing wax. My heart started to race and I put the envelope down. This was silly I told myself. It’s just a letter. I picked it up and carefully opened it. There was a thick card inside and when I took it out, I could tell that the paper was very expensive. I started to read it when I suddenly got very emotional, it was an invitation to attend a dinner party tomorrow night at seven p.m. at the house two doors down.

Oh hell no…Oh hell yes! I was going. I had been trying to get up the nerve to go to that house for years and this was my chance. I wonder who else would be there. I got up from my chair and put the painting materials away. That was enough for today.

I slept fitfully that night, many dreams filled my head with things that normal people didn’t do. When I finally got up, I was surprised to see that it was ten o’clock. That didn’t leave me much time to plan. I already knew what I would wear. The dress was a lovely shade of red with a slit up one thigh and enough of a vee neck to show some cleavage. And of course I couldn’t forget the shoes. The heels were high enough to give you a nose bleed.

Going downstairs to make coffee I was surprised to see a single white rose on my kitchen table. It didn’t scare me at all, but filled me with anticipation. I sat and drank two cups of coffee while holding the rose. I told myself to eat something, but my stomach said otherwise. Finally it was time to get ready for the party.

Giving myself a once over in the mirror, and liking what I saw, I went down the steps and out to my porch. For some reason, I didn’t lock the door, didn’t take any keys or even my purse. I smiled as I walked toward the house that was two doors down. I walked through the gate and up the steps. The door opened before I could knock. It was dark inside and as I stepped in, I felt someone take my hand and close the door. Instead of being frightened, I felt oddly excited. Whatever was going to happen, I was ready for it.

The darkness filled the inside with only a few candles lit here and there. I looked around the room and was very happy with what I saw. The decorations were very ornate and the furniture was antique but beautiful. Hearing footsteps, I turned and saw a man in a cloak. He was gorgeous! I was drawn to him and walked over to where he was standing.

I knew that his name was Vlad, and as he put his arms around me, he asked,”Verona, you know what this means don’t you?”

I looked straight into his eyes and I said, “My job will be to entice victims for you and to serve you Vlad.”

“No Verona, I will hire someone to serve us. You will entice people for me and you will do it quite well. However, more than anything Verona, I want an heir.”

“I will be very happy to accommodate you Vlad.” she giggled.

He nodded his head and a smile came to his lips as he lowered his mouth to her neck. She felt a sharp prick and immediately felt a change come over her. Verona smiled at Vlad and they knew that they would be very happy for a least the next hundred years or so.

Worm Overlord

Every day she sat on the bench by the courthouse muttering to herself, at least that’s what most people thought she was doing. Her clothes were always in tatters and she had that crazy-eyed look that caused most people to give her a wide berth. Every now and then, someone else who “knew” would stop and join her for a while. No matter what day it was, no matter how hot or cold, she would sit all day long, clutching a brown paper bag.

About once an hour, she would reach into the bag and grab some morsel of food out of it, reach under the bench and push it into the soft soil with her fingers. “Overlord, please give them a little more time before you start to take over”. This was her daily plea. What most weren’t aware of was that underneath the feet of every person on earth was a network of worms, controlled by the Overlord. He had been watching for longer than any human in existence had been alive, and he was very displeased with what he saw.

Thankfully for the rest of us, there have always been a few people in the know who have intervened on our behalf, because the Overlord was always poised and ready to call his troops into action. His armies reported to him several times a day through their extensive network, filling him in on what the humans were doing. Chemical spills and run-off polluting the water, chemtrails raining down from the skies, coal ash being dumped anywhere they could get away with it…the list goes on and on.

The Overlord had been telling the awakened humans that he was getting ready to take action, because the humans weren’t just oblivious, most didn’t care. They had bought into the whole notion that progress equals trade-offs, which is often true, but it isn’t acceptable that planetary destruction is one of those trades. No matter how much his small band of human helpers tried to educate the masses, they continued to be led like cattle to their own slaughter.

This morning, when the lady in the park gave her first offering and pleaded with the Overlord to give them more time, he whispered up to her from his tunnel, “I’ll give it six more months and that’s all. The ground is becoming too toxic to sustain life for much longer. If something doesn’t happen to change this, we’re going to collapse the tunnels”.

She was horrified, because he had explained to her that when that happened, every city on earth as we know it would be swallowed and very few would survive. As scary as it was, she knew that he was right. The planet would need a reset soon if there was to be any hope. Not many had seen him, but he had revealed himself to her once when she had stayed at the park until late in the night. The moon was full and he pushed himself up out of his tunnel. While all the other worms looked like ordinary worms, which gave no one a second though, he was different. Very, very different.

The hole under the bench expanded until it was almost three feet in diameter, and his giant head poked out. He was gun-metal grey with large almond shaped eyes and two spiky antennae. As his body slithered onto the surface, she saw that it was covered with large spikes, with one large eye behind every one of them. When he had stretched out, he was around four feet long and his skin had a metallic sheen under the full moon. She was shocked at his appearance. “What are you?”, she asked.

He explained to her that his people had populated the earth for thousands of years. “We come from out in the stars. For ages, it was sufficient to leave a small army here to keep an eye on things, but in recent years, you people have gotten so out of hand that you’re putting all of us in danger with your destructive ways”.

She had always believed in alien life, but never expected the worm Overlord to be one of them. This gave her even more respect for him. To think that an alien being of his stature cared enough about the planet, while frightening, made her feel oddly happy. His revelation to her had happened about five years ago. Each day, she came to the park and tried to warn people…to educate them about the consequences of our ways. It was disheartening because it was usually only around five people a year who paid any attention to her, let alone heeded her.

After his warning of the six month deadline, the humans who were working with the Overlord stepped up their efforts to enlist enough people, before it was too late. After months of heavy effort, nothing had changed, despite all of the pressure they had put on the big corporations and governments around the world. The worms had created a few natural disasters in an attempt to wake more people up, to no avail.

On the day before the six month deadline, she went to the park before dawn, to make one final offering and plea. The Overlord once more poked his head up into the dark morning. “I’m sorry. We’ve run out of time. I thank you for your service and effort. You have been one of the hardest workers in our effort to save earth. To show my gratitude, I’m offering you the opportunity to join us down here and help in the rebuilding efforts after the event is over. Several of your cohorts have already joined us and are prepared to assist”.

She crawled under the bench and followed him down into their colony. She was shocked at how developed it was down there. It was like an underground city. There were shelters, store rooms filled with food, water, and medical supplies. The place even had lighting which looked and felt just like the sun. The Overlord explained to her that they had brought special lights with them so that they could grow food if necessary. It was strangely beautiful. He introduced her to several of his troops and some of the other humans.

They spent the entire day preparing for the following morning, ready to spring into action if the news didn’t change overnight. After the sun had fallen on the earth above, the humans went into their shelters for sleep. The worms kept working. They had no need for sleep. After several hours, loud chimes sounded, bringing all of the humans out into the passageways. Over a loudspeaker system the Overlord spoke. “The time has come for us to take action. While we are sorry for all of you…for your losses, for the loss of life as you know it, this must be done”.

They knew that he was right, yet they couldn’t help but weep in sorrow for those too blind to have seen the truth. The Overlord gave the signal to start, and all around the world, the giant termites chewed through the wooden supports the insects had put up to keep the soil from collapsing. The awakened humans were way below the surface of the earth and watched on giant screens as the world above was swallowed. All of the major cities and industrial centers collapsed into destruction, taking with them the things d people which had led to this moment.

It was terrible and awe inspiring to see the level of planning and work they had put into preserving just enough up above to get the planet started again. Life would never be the same, and while that was scary, it was an odd relief for those left standing. There would be no more big corruption…at least not for another thousand years or so…but hopefully never. While things were being rebuilt, the Overlord would remain and lead the work. After the humans got re-established, he would go down into the lower chamber and board his ship to return to his home planet. He knew that there was a chance that they’d do it all again and he may have to come back. This was their last chance though. If they messed up this time, it would be curtains…forever.