Lake Maidens

I have

In my times of sorrows

Cried forth

In lakes of tears

From my lake

The maidens come

To take me

By the hand

I follow them


In the hot

Salty waters

My grief

So overwhelming

Envelopes me

Pouring back in

Filling my heart

As it floods

My lungs

Taking away my pain


Where Shall You End Up?

When the sun goes down and the moon rises

You will find that we spirits wear many disguises

From moving shadows on the wall, to footfalls on the stairs

In us you should believe, and take great care

They told you these were merely flights of fancy

But some of you hear our voices, and watch our nightly dances

The non-believers would have you think we’re not real

Just wait until we show them the big reveal

For our big night is just a few weeks away

And the plan is to rattle them, hear them shriek in dismay

But you know better, don’t you dear pet

Even you though, haven’t seen anything yet

Don’t try to ponder what it is that we want from you

Because when our night comes, you’ll do as you feel called to do

You might wonder whether this is a good or bad thing

We’ll either drag you to into the depths, or help you sprout wings

Whether you soar high above or sink into the dark

Will largely depend on the openness of your heart

For we are neither black nor white, not pink or blue

Your destination is completely up to you

This journey is yours, we only keep the gates

Will you figure that out before its too late?

The Monster You Fear

This monster will always find you

No matter where you are, or what you do

You need to know that there’s nowhere to hide

For the monster that you fear the most will always dwell inside

Did you really think that I lived underneath the bed?

Silly mortal human, I’ve always been inside your head

The evil which has crept up on you, catching you by surprise

Doesn’t come from some mysterious dark place, it’s right behind your eyes

It waits for you to see the things which cause deep pain within your heart

And rips its way into the world, to tear everything apart

It may be hard for you to believe

But you’ve spent your days being cunningly deceived

You’ve been mine since before you came out of the womb

And with you I’ll stay ’till you’ve entered your tomb

You were promised to me to pay off someone’s debt

Try to escape, it’ll be your biggest regret

Someday, yes someday, you will be free

But for now you are mine and for now, you are me.

Come On In

Welcome my darlings to the first day of our tryst

You’ve heard the sly whispers and couldn’t resist

For the next 30 days our voices of horror will enter your mind

Try to resist if you will, but no refuge you’ll find

The ghosts and demons within will haunt you from day to night

After all what is October without a good fright?

Attempting to hide will only make things worse

For the ghouls found within have an insatiable thirst

They’ll feed on your fear, and feast on your soul

Not resting until they’ve consumed you whole

You can hide under your bed

Or pull the covers over your head

They’ll simply laugh as they growl, for they’re all knowing, very undead

We do hope that you’ll enjoy the twisted tales and screams

As we’ll be here to horrify you ’till Halloween.


They run with the wind

Waiting for you to let them in

All types and sorts of beasties prowl

Sometimes on a full moon you can hear some howl

The number of monsters is too many to count, its a mess

One thing they all have in common is the taste for flesh

Those who eat flesh only are the kindest by ten fold

The scariest ones have a craving for human souls

When you hear them scratch at the window, stay far away

For if you give them an in, with you, they will have their way.

The Ward

It prowls the halls late at night

Giving the patients an awful fright

The nurses, they think it’s because they’re old

Never believing the stories they’re told

The tall figure in its black cloak slithers around the halls

Casting eerie shadows upon the walls

Each night seeking for souls to steal

Why won’t anyone believe that it’s real?

Some call it the reaper, others a shade

There will be no stopping it once the decision has been made

You can try to stop it, but whether woman or man

When your time is up, there is no one who can

No amount of pleading will save them, no deal can be made

The price may seem hefty, but it must be paid.



Things That Wake You In The Night (From The Fabrication Of Your Dreams)

You hear the floor boards creak,

It makes your heart race and your knees weak.

You lay in bed not wanting to investigate,

When you hear another noise that you hate.

You never did find out where it comes from,

The dreaded drip…drip…drip and it makes you numb.

I’m so very tired, my eyes want to close,

But I don’t dare, I don’t want to doze.

Maybe for just a minute I will rest,

Not wanting to sleep, my eyes protest.

The next thing I know, the sunlight

Awakens me with a fright.

Jumping out of bed, putting slippers on my feet,

Grab a robe from the door, stub my toe on the love seat.

Once out in the hall, I walk to the stairs that go to the attic,

My breath starts to quicken and I start to panic.

At one time, I used to play up there,

Now I’m older when out of the blue it scares me, its so unfair.

For the first time the noise starts during the day,

Drip…drip…drip. I’ve had it and rush through the doorway.

When who do I see at the top of the stairs but Morgan le Fay.

She was the stuff that dreams are made of.

I had been reading about King Arthur, Avalon and his true love.

The drip…drip…drip…was coming from the Lady of the Lake,

As she collected her offerings she made them all quake.

She gave Arthur his sword Excalibur at the urging of Merlin,

Now I understood the noises I heard and I was certain.

It was the imagination that comes from reading a good tale

With a touch of magic from Merlin and from me an exhale.