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So much shifted for us in the short time of October this year.  This is the final year you will find as us Sisters In The Shadows.  As of November, we have chosen to take the mantle of: The Sisters of Wyrd.

Halfway through the month, due to personal family issues, part of our creative team had to bow out of this year’s festivities…and yet, we carried on.

Here is your free PDF of all that went on.  Enjoy.

Remember to come back next year…we will not stop this Frightfest any time soon.

Download it right here.  Click and it is yours.


sisters halloween 2015


We Hope You Enjoyed The Show…



Thank you for accompanying us on our journey.

Soon we will put out the notice of the free PDF of this year’s journey.

We’ll let you know, if you’re following along.

We hope you enjoyed our show.

Next year we promise bigger and better things,Universe willing.