Something To Inspire: Children’s Books

Here is a list of Duncan’s top scary books, at the moment…


Room On The Broom

written by: Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler

The animated short currently on Netflix.  We love watching it.


Five Little Pumpkins 

written by Ben Mantle

This is Duncan’s all-time favorite book, ever since he was a tiny baby.  This is why he loves pumpkins and collects them too.


The Little Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid Of Anything

written by Linda Williams

This book always scares the bejeebers out of Duncan.


Creepy Carrots 

written by Aaron Reynolds

We just found this one…and it evokes some rather strong opinions about who won in the end.


Frankenstein Makes A Sandwich

written by Adam Rex

This one is a POETRY book that never fails to elicit giggles.



What we are reading right now:

Duncan grabbed this while we were out and refused to put it down, so this is our daily reading this month:

Gustav Gloom and The People Taker, written by Adam-Troy Castro.

It seems to be part of a series of books and we can’t wait to get them all.  We are all really enjoying Gustav’s tale.


Feel free to add some more suggestions in the comments.









A Prompt From Duncan

Here is something for you to take on your own and run with in any way you desire.

Brought to you by the imitable Master Duncan Low…

(please keep in mind, he’s 5yo)


It’s a hand butt, not a butt hand.  

What’s wrong with you

Use the other one.




We Know You’re Waiting…

We know, you can’t wait for this year’s Spooktacular fun to begin here…


We thought we would offer you up a knock, knock joke, created by Duncan…just to get you in the mood…


Knock knock…

Who’s there?



(Hey–he’s a kid…it’s funny when he does it and grabs your face….)


It only gets better from here…

Mark your calendars…

We’ll be here…poison darts in hand…come October 1.


See you then.


Your PDF Is Ready

So much shifted for us in the short time of October this year.  This is the final year you will find as us Sisters In The Shadows.  As of November, we have chosen to take the mantle of: The Sisters of Wyrd.

Halfway through the month, due to personal family issues, part of our creative team had to bow out of this year’s festivities…and yet, we carried on.

Here is your free PDF of all that went on.  Enjoy.

Remember to come back next year…we will not stop this Frightfest any time soon.

Download it right here.  Click and it is yours.


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