Are You Wondering Where We Are This Year?

Frankly, at times, so are we.

It’s been a rough wild year for all of us at Sisters In The Shadows.

We are fighting pain, flare-ups, illness, changes in direction, changes of heart, physical issues, metaphysical issues, living arrangements…all sorts of tushie over tea kettle stuff.

We had been planning a different direction during and right after the last Halloween…and then…shift happened and keeps happening.

Will we return this year?

Only if things pop up and we post them (as Evangeline did earlier this month).

No promises there.

Will we return next year?

That honestly depends on where we all end up once all the physical ick, the mental ick, the spiritual WTF, and everything else settles down and we feel like coming back for a new round of Halloween.

We will keep you updated as we figure things out.

Until then…

Happy Halloween and Blessed Samhain.