Again, Changes Are Coming Here At Sisters

Hello there, dear readers.

We come to the end of another Halloween…and Tracy and I (Tabitha) sat down (on the phone) together and had a conversation about where we see Sisters heading in the future.

Next year, we won’t be having the “scarefest” bits and pieces…our focus is going to shift to more witchy fair–as in modern witchy, not horror, not fiction–we’ll be writing about real-life witchiness on the non-fiction scale…

One thing we are still debating is WHERE this writing will take place…will it be here at Sisters…or will it be over at our other blog, Sisters of Wyrd.

We are pondering — do we keep Sisters here in case we feel like throwing up some fiction?  Or do we do away with Sisters and let her lie as she is now, just an archive shadow of her former glory?

Let us know what you think in the comments…do we keep sisters–do we keep sisters for the witchy non-fiction–do we keep sisters for witchy fiction?

Thanks for standing with us all these years.  We hope you follow along on our new journey…