Grays shook me awake.

“Wake up, Kya.” He said. “I had a horrible Dream about you.”  He shook me again.  ‘Please.”

Half-conscious yet, I sort of grumbled something in his general direction as I attempted to roll over and return to sleep.

“No!”Another shake for me.  “Please, Kya.  Please.”

I love my little brother, so I managed to peel my eyelids open to glare at him.  I raised an eyebrow at him to continue…that was the best I could do.

He crawled into bed alongside me and began telling his tale.

“Mummy says my dreams come true, Kya.  I had a True Vision tonight.  About you.

I walked through the Mist.  On the beach stood three men.  Brothers.

One brother saw your skin laid out over a rock to dry.  He stole your skin and ran away with it.

He hid it deep in a cave, where he thought no one would ever find it.  Especially not his brothers.

But then the second brother.  He went swimming in the Ocean.  He swam down into Barrington Cavern—and when he came up for air, he ended up inside his brother’s cave.  He found your skin there—he took it out with him.

With gentle hands, he cleaned your skin.  Wiping away dirt and brushing off debris.

He kept your skin under his pillow for a time.  Safe and sound.

The third brother walked the beach.  Back and forth.  Back and forth.  Pacing.  He would stop and stare out at the Sea before walking once again.

The second brother came to him on the beach and just handed him your skin.  He just gave it to him and walked away.

The third brother stood before the ocean with your skin in his hands.  He waited and waited.  Eventually, you came out of the water.  He took your hand and you went away with him.

Kya, I don’t want you to go away.  Not with that man.  Not with anyone.”

More awake now, I gave my brother a quick hug to reassure him a bit.    “Is there no more to your dream?’

Grays said no.

“I’ve had the same Dream you have.  For nearly a year now.  My Dream goes further.

I go with the third brother willingly.

I give him my heart.  I bear his children.  We build a home, a life together.  Then out of nowhere, he falls in love with another and we, his children and I, are cast aside as if we are nothing.

But he cannot bear to lose me completely.  he chops my skin to pieces and scatters most of the pieces around the world’s oceans.

He takes one piece for himself that he has made into a bracelet that he wears constantly.

He has a necklace made for me, a pendant of my own skin for me to wear around my neck.

I am bound, but also free.  I come and go as I please.  It’s not so bad as all that.”

“I don’t want you to go at all.”  Tears glowed in Grays’s eyes.

“What must be, must be, my brother.”

I draw him into my arms, rocking and cuddling him.

“I’ve already met the first brother,”  I tell him.  “The rest is just a matter of Time.”