These Boots Are Made For Walking

The boots were hard—on the outside.  Hard soles.  Hard heels.  The black leather, however, was soft and buttery and shiny.  A long time ago, someone had taken very good care of these babies before I snagged them up as my own.  On my feet, they wore like a dream.  Supple movements and excellent support where I needed it.  I loved them.

Morning awoke with the twitterings and carrying-ons of myriad cheery little birds.  Larger creatures retreated for the day.  Smaller creatures came out to play in the sun.  I love this time of day.  Dawn, the promise of a new day.  Beautiful.

I started walking, boots thumping as I went along.  I smiled.  Being all alone this way, it made me happy.  Toady’s orders from the Queen—same orders as yesterday—and the same as the day before that, and the day before that.  I was to “make way for the new”.  I knew my job—and I loved it.

The cool air frolicked around me, pushing my curls out of my eyes, back into my eyes.  It pulled at my shirt, then pushed me from behind.  The wind a child trying to entice me to a game.  I could not stop to play, so I sang her a sweet song to calm her and keep her content.

I walked, one step after the other, after the other, enjoying the scenery before me as I went.  Oh yes, there were plenty of signs of the Destruction, but that wasn’t my department; I didn’t bother to focus on it.  Someone would be along at some point and all of that would vanish, renewed and reclaimed.  We all had our jobs to do.

There came my work now.  I stood on the outskirts of what was once a city.  Tall buildings remained, although, looking around, the entire place had seen better days.  Nature had begun her slow encroachment, but I was here to hasten things along.

I began to sing, this time in earnest, weaving Power and Intention like keen-edged weapons against the detritus left behind by humanity.  I called forth the green things in swift abundance.  As waves of kudzu overtook buildings, many explosions pulsed out, fires raging for a moment or two before the vines smothered it all, encompassing the mass within the sedate confines of a nesting pod.  Incredible things would grow forth from those pods.  But again, that wasn’t my department and not part of my job.  I moved on.

I walked through the entire city for three days, singing, chanting, laughing at it all, until not a single trace of the so-called city remained, above nor below ground.  I shot up my flare, the beacon given to me by the Queen to show that an area was clear.  It didn’t take long for the answering strike to come.

It forest green clouds crowded the sky above me.  With grumbles of thunder and blue streaks of lightning, the rains poured down.  It was a soothing balm, a bath before bedtime, for the newly cleansed land and for me.  Within these healing waters lay new seeds for new creations.  As the rains continued, I curled into a ball on the newly grown grass and I fell asleep.

I slept for days.  Once my energies were back to maximum, I popped up, ready for the new day, the next town, the next assignment.  It would not be much longer until we had covered the planet with our greenery.  It couldn’t be soon enough.