Repost From Sisters Of Wyrd: Chapter Three: Breakfast

The waitress made her way back to the table which Minerva and Martin shared. Minerva was always ravenous after a night of work. People didn’t realize how much energy it took to use psychic abilities and communicate with the dead. She placed her order for Belgian waffles, bacon, eggs, and a side of hash browns. When the waitress asked if she’d like a refill on her hot chocolate, she said yes. Martin smiled at her, and she narrowed her eyes at him as if to say, don’t go there. Her lips curled up in a smile. He has always been amazed at the amount of food the tiny woman consumed, and liked to tease her that she was going to wake up one morning with a giant butt.

Martin, as always, ordered a biscuit and a very rare steak. Minerva waited for the waitress to leave before pretend kicking him in the shin under the table.

“I just know that you were imagining me with a big ass again.”, she said.

He laughed and told her that he had. While they waited, she told him more about Steve’s situation.

“He truly misses his wife, Maria. I just don’t know if he’ll be able to go through with what it takes to bring her back.”

When she finished telling him about the conversation she’d had with her new client, Martin told her that he would be willing to bet that the man would ask to get his wife back. Over the years, Martin had seen enough people in mourning to know that there were some who just couldn’t bear to finish out their time on this earth without their partners. These were the ones who people liked to refer to as soul mates. It wasn’t that their lives weren’t complete without their mates, it was just that they formed such a deep bond that when one of them died, the piece of their partner that they took with them was too great for them to know true happiness without them.

They grew quiet when the food arrived. As with every busy night, Minerva demolished her food with a fervor which precluded conversation. Martin however, sat across from her, sipping his coffee and slowly savoring a large bite of his steak. When the waitress came back to clear the table, Martin asked for a container.

“You always eat like a bird hon.”, said the waitress. “I don’t know how the two of you look the way you do.”

As soon as the words had left her lips, the waitress apologized profusely. Minerva and Martin burst into laughter.

Martin said, “Please don’t be sorry. I find what you said to be both true and funny.”

She looked relieved as she cleared Minerva’s plate and went to get Martin’s container. When she had come back with it and taken their money, they resumed their conversation. Minerva told Martin that she would let him know how things went tomorrow night after work. Martin gave her a slow grin and told her that he’d be there waiting. Gathering their things, the two old friends made their way out the door. After Minerva got into her car, Martin made his way over to the bushes by his car where a feral cat and her kittens lived, and spat out the steak. He could hear them squabbling over it. Hurriedly, he reached into his pocket, took out the baggie of cat food he’d brought along, and poured it into the bushes before someone lost an eye. Then he went through the gap in the bushes into the park and handed the container, along with ten dollars to the woman who slept on one of the benches.  After his task was completed, he got into his car to drive home. The sky was just beginning to lighten as he closed the front door and turned the deadbolt.