You tell me it’s late—that I shouldn’t go out.  I go anyway.

You tell me it’s not safe—that I’m endangering myself, needlessly.  I turn my back on you as I slide into my coat.

I hear you continue talking—but I tune you out.  I  know what I am.  You haven’t a clue.  Humans rarely do.  Even though I told you that first night we met, trying to be upfront.  You thought it was a joke.  I let it be.

I am not joke.  My people, my kind, are not jokes.

I walk the steaming sidewalk.  Rain dribbles relentlessly from the sky in thin constant sheets.  I dig my hands deeper into my pockets, clutching at my crystals hidden there.

I have been here too long.

Humans are dissonance.  I am tired.  My heart, my soul, require the peace of my people, the profound relaxation and connection of our energies twining as a community.

In these boots I wear, I feel as if I am stomping through the world.  The noise I make, though thundering in my ears, is nothing compared to the city surrounding me.  The raucous noise courses around me, buffeting me impatiently, pounding away at my remaining reserve.

I walk until I am far from him, from his prying eyes, his watchful jealousy.  I take a cab to the train station.  I settle in for the night.  By the time he figures out I am not coming back, I will be gone from this realm.

Morning twinges against the sky as the train comes to the station.  I disembark, a lone figure into the cascade of growing quiet.  I walk now, removing my boots and leaving them by the road as I continue on.  I leave my jacket there with them.  Perhaps someone in need will find them.  As I no longer need them, I no longer care what happens to them.

I walk through the day, leaving the human roads, flowing over pasture grasses and into woods.  I manage to arrive too early at the Gate to my people.  I settle in, pressing my back into the trunk of a great ash tree that watches over this entrance.

I do not hear them come for me, so deeply had I slept.  I awoke suddenly to find myself surrounded, but by my own kind, my own kin.  My beautiful brother wraps me so tightly in his arms I can scarcely breathe –but I hug him back twice as hard.  He releases me enough so that I may walk on my own, but not enough to break contact.  We cling to one another.

We walk, as a group, in unison towards the Gate.

Warm water engulfs us, welcomes me back into Her gracious embrace.  I am Home.  I shed my human skin.  For a moment it is nothing more than the usual human trash floating—then it dissolves into a scrim of foam on the surface, soon pushed away by the gentle waves.

I am Home.  Truly safe now.  I sink into the blessed silence of my people.  I shall not leave this place again.