Where Shall You End Up?

When the sun goes down and the moon rises

You will find that we spirits wear many disguises

From moving shadows on the wall, to footfalls on the stairs

In us you should believe, and take great care

They told you these were merely flights of fancy

But some of you hear our voices, and watch our nightly dances

The non-believers would have you think we’re not real

Just wait until we show them the big reveal

For our big night is just a few weeks away

And the plan is to rattle them, hear them shriek in dismay

But you know better, don’t you dear pet

Even you though, haven’t seen anything yet

Don’t try to ponder what it is that we want from you

Because when our night comes, you’ll do as you feel called to do

You might wonder whether this is a good or bad thing

We’ll either drag you to into the depths, or help you sprout wings

Whether you soar high above or sink into the dark

Will largely depend on the openness of your heart

For we are neither black nor white, not pink or blue

Your destination is completely up to you

This journey is yours, we only keep the gates

Will you figure that out before its too late?