Basement Dweller

As soon as she arrived at the almost 100 year old building, she knew that she was moving into a place which had contained a lot of darkness in its past. The energy of the spirits contained within the brick walls of the building slapped her like a ton of bricks as soon as she stepped out of the moving truck in the back alley to unload her possessions. In all of her years of being a medium, she had encountered a lot of things, but nothing quite like this. The very ground beneath her feet felt like it was emanating an almost painful, but definitely nauseating, electric feeling which coursed through her entire body, and she hadn’t even set foot inside yet. How had she missed it in all the times she had looked at online photos of the building?

It didn’t take her long to answer her own question. She had wanted out of where she had been so badly, that she simply ignored the warning bells. After her divorce, she had moved back to her hometown, and had ended up staying longer than she had originally intended. She had always hated it there, and it hadn’t gotten any better in the years that she had been away. Too many bad memories, too many people who she truly disliked, and absolutely nothing to do which felt like it fed her soul with anything positive.

The town which she had chosen to move to had a lot to offer, at least on paper. She had only been there once for a few days and it felt okay, but she hadn’t even laid eyes on the building that she was moving in to. Not that she could remember anyway. Now though, she was here. She just told herself to make the best of it, and hoped that the energy would feel better inside than it did outside. Her hopes of that were quickly dashed as soon as she walked in the back door of the building with her first load of boxes. The energy inside was every bit as bad as it had been outside. This place was full of spirits. One of the first things she wanted to do when she got her things into her new apartment was to burn some sage, but she had to wait a few days until her family, who had helped her to move left.

As she settled in, she began to get used to a lot of the spirits roaming the halls of the building. Even though several of them were suicides and one was a murder victim, she had reached an agreement of peaceful co-existence with them. Very early on, they made it clear to her that they wouldn’t be leaving so the best that she could do was tell them that she would leave them alone and ask that they return the favor. In the almost ten years that she’d been burning sage, she went through more of it in this place in the first year than she had in the previous five. Despite all of this, it was still better here than it had been to be back in her hometown.

Not long after the one year anniversary of moving in, she encountered something unlike anything she had ever ran into before. Well, that wasn’t entirely true. She had once come across something which she could only describe as a land spirit and it had wreaked havoc with her until she started leaving gifts for it. Once it understood that she wasn’t staying forever, wouldn’t try to make it leave, and would leave it offerings until she was gone, there was a truce. The thing in the basement of this new place though, was nothing short of sheer evil nastiness.

She was coming inside the back door one night at around ten o’clock and felt a rush of cold air blow by her. As she turned to see what was causing it, she saw a large black mass shoot past her. At first she wasn’t too concerned, but when she made it to the elevator to go up to her apartment, it attacked while she was waiting. She felt excruciating pain in her head and chest, along with an icy coldness as it squeezed her. As this was going on, her levels of nausea rose to a level that she was ready to throw up. Thankfully, the elevator opened then and she got on and the sensations which had been overtaking her eased up a bit.

After that night, she encountered what she dubbed the basement dweller several times a year. Always in the Fall, and it was always every bit as nasty as that first time. She still doesn’t know what it is, other than that it had never been human and that she was to leave it alone. Until this day, she is still waiting to find a new place to move. In the meantime, all she can do is keep the space behind her own closed door as clear as she can with her sage and other tools…and hope beyond hope that she doesn’t have to wait long for the elevator when she has to be out at night in the Fall.