The Monster You Fear

This monster will always find you

No matter where you are, or what you do

You need to know that there’s nowhere to hide

For the monster that you fear the most will always dwell inside

Did you really think that I lived underneath the bed?

Silly mortal human, I’ve always been inside your head

The evil which has crept up on you, catching you by surprise

Doesn’t come from some mysterious dark place, it’s right behind your eyes

It waits for you to see the things which cause deep pain within your heart

And rips its way into the world, to tear everything apart

It may be hard for you to believe

But you’ve spent your days being cunningly deceived

You’ve been mine since before you came out of the womb

And with you I’ll stay ’till you’ve entered your tomb

You were promised to me to pay off someone’s debt

Try to escape, it’ll be your biggest regret

Someday, yes someday, you will be free

But for now you are mine and for now, you are me.


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