Leftovers again! When are we ever going to run out of this. If mom makes me eat this one more time, I’m going to scream!

He knew that his sisters and brothers were thinking the same thing. They all looked at each other with rolled eyes and grimaces and a little bit of laughter. To which mom would say, “Laugh all you want, you will eat what I eat or go hungry!”

When mealtime was over, they went to play before bedtime. His oldest sister, (there were three boys and six girls) took him aside and asked him if he would find out why they had eaten the same meal for the last five days.

He had always been the daring one. Not being afraid of much, he considered this a good challenge. Besides, the little ones were starting to worry him. They were looking a little pale and not wanting to play much anymore. Pretty soon they would be moving. Mom had been packing up their things. He would ask her tomorrow.

When it came time for breakfast the next day, there was nothing to eat. All of a sudden they were wishing for the same old thing. Mom came in the room said it was time to go. They hurriedly wiggled and squirmed their way behind mom and before you know it, they were at their next home.

Finally, they were able to eat and they were happy that it wasn’t the same old rotten raccoon. They had never eaten this particular rotting carcas yet. When they asked mom what it was, she said that a man had run over a turtle and it was just starting to rot. It wasn’t very big, but it tasted really good. The little maggot family had gotten to this turtle in the nick of time. The ravens were going to join them soon. They always did. Mom would try to hide them so the ravens wouldn’t make a meal of them as well as the turtle. The wriggling little mass of maggots were home for now.