The Fog

The Fog

The fog rolled slowly in over the city. Soon it would be shrouded in white thick clouds that undulated like someone breathing. It was alive. People would quickly run their errands and hurry home before they could no longer see where they were going. This fog would last for days.

Many would hear the sounds of something being dragged outside their doors. The eerie noises coming from this fog, this living breathing mass of wickedness. People would plug the ears of their children to keep them from hearing. It called to them. If the parents were too late in plugging their ears, the children would find some way to get out of their homes. No matter how their parents locked their doors and windows, they found a way to get out and go to it.

They were never seen again. Oh, they would come back, but not as the innocent little children that they were. They came back as nightmares and hauntings. Some of them came back as monsters. Monsters like you have never before seen. They were so grotesque that even the hardiest of souls didn’t want to look. When the fog finally receded enough to see, people would come out of their homes for the cleanup and to search for the missing children.

The clean up was swift. People scrubbed the streets clean of the soot and goo that was left by the fog. They scrubbed doors and windows, walkways and floors. The search for the missing was vast and they left no stone unturned.

Everyone was exhausted from cleaning and searching. When they finally calmed down a little and went about their work, they breathed a little sigh of relief. It was over for now. Till the next time when the fog would return.