Demony Cricket

There are creatures roaming this earth which no one would believe existed even if you were to show them a picture. Demony Cricket is one of those creatures. Yes, as his name implies, he is part cricket, part demon. A few years ago, there was a demon looking for inventive way of doing what demons do…taking over humans. Over the millennia, their work had gotten a little boring. It was as though they had seen it all and they were tired of doing the same things. Satan himself had held a meeting to ask his minions if any of them had some fresh ideas, for he was bored too.

Out of the legions, there was only one who had a fresh idea about how to overtake the bodies and souls of people. Even the devil was impressed. The creature now known as Demony Cricket…yes, they watch Disney movies in hell too…had asked Satan if he could take the form of a cricket, and add the killing ability of an assassin bug, along with the web weaving skills of a spider. Once he given the entire run down of his plan, Satan rubbed his hands together gleefully and gave the green light .

Demony Cricket popped back up above the earth’s surface, in the suburbs of New York City. He chose a random backyard and lie in wait for the homeowner to come out and enjoy the night air. It wasn’t long before the man of the house came outside and sat down on an Adirondack chair with a cold beer. Demony hopped out of the weeds and onto the back of the chair, right behind the man’s head, and settled in for a good chirp. The man turned around with a look of irritation and stared Demony right in the face, with a scowl. Once he saw the cricket’s eyes start to glow red, the look on his face changed to one of confused fear. Before the man had a chance to react, Demony shot his proboscis into his gaping mouth, injecting him with venom.

Unlike the Assassin bug though, Demony’s venom didn’t liquify the man’s organs and tissue, it mingled with his essence making it possible for Demony to suck out his soul. As the soul left the man’s body, Demony injected a bit of his own essence. This was where the web building ability of the spider came in. Now, the man belonged to the Underworld. Well, technically the man was dead. There was nothing of him left. As soon as the exchange had been made, the man made his way back into his house and waited to hop on the train for work in the morning. Instead of making his way into the office as usual though, he hid out in one of the dark recesses of the subway system, just waiting for a straggler to come a little too close. At around 11 a.m., he got his chance. A vagrant made her way close enough for him to reach out and drag her back into his hideaway.

Once he got her inside, he used his own proboscis to inject her with the soul loosening agent, then laid her on the floor. Once he was sure that she wasn’t getting up, he used his spidey abilities to weave an enormous web deep inside the tunnel. After it was all done, he dragged her into the web and summoned Demony to come harvest her soul. Within a week, they had created a group of fifty soul harvesters. Demony’s plan had worked so well, that they were going to institute harvesting networks all over the world. It was ingenious really. After all, if anyone were to find the webs they would simply think that there were some sort of insect mutation which hadn’t been discovered yet. No one would even be all that surprised, with all of the weird shit that lived in the subways anyway. Satan and his minions would have plenty of souls, not to mention humans to control, for many years to come.