You Suck

Every night as I try to roam peacefully in search of a meal, I watch them all spill out of their dens of iniquity, and they stare at me. Some of them yell rude things. My personal favorites are…you need to get some sun, you look like you fell into a vat of white paint,  and you should smile once in a while. Most of the time, I just walk away. Every now and then though, I lose it just a little bit and come back with a sarcastic remark. The most common response when I do is, “You suck”. It’s all I can do not to bust out laughing…if they only knew.

So many years of hiding in the shadows. It is a lonely life. People think that it’s all fun and games when you’re immortal. Thanks a lot “Twilight”. It would be cool as hell if I sparkled though! And as for not smiling, I would love to, but if they think that my pale skin looks weird, I could only imagine their reaction if I’d flash my fangs. They really are clueless. In the past 100 years, big cities have made my life so much easier. First of all, the selection is immense. Secondly, it makes me feel a little better when I can choose someone who is leading a destructive life. Before I decide who the next meal is going to be, I follow them for a while to see how they conduct themselves.

Just being a drunk won’t find you in my crosshairs. Now, if you’re a mean drunk…well, that’s a different story. Frequenting prostitutes doesn’t mean that you’re mine either, but if I see you abusing them it’s curtains for you. As you can see, my diet consists of people who hurt other people. Take tonight for example. I have been following this prick for a week. He’s going to be a pleasure to take out of commission. It was bad enough when I saw him beating up a prostitute four nights ago. The only thing that stopped me then was that the streets still had too many people to go unnoticed. Not a one of them stopped to help her either. People often sicken me.

As he was leaving his house tonight though, I witnessed him slap his wife or girlfriend in the face before he came out the door. This piece of shit was an ugly man, inside and out. If I didn’t know what I knew about him, I sure wouldn’t choose to make a meal out of him. Just too gross. Such is life though. After finding out about him, I had no choice really. This guy was going to kill someone, if he hadn’t already. I know, I know…hypocritical. Considering the fact that I was about to kill him, some people would say that I was just as bad as he was. But was I? Not in my opinion and surely not in the opinions of the people he had hurt. Then again, some would be angry at the loss no matter how pathetic my victims were.

As the night wore on, I followed him from bar to bar. It would be better if he was halfway out of it by the time I got to him. Didn’t want him making too much of a racket. The downside of big cities is that it seems that there is always someone around. He staggered out of his fourth bar at about three in the morning. I followed him around the corner, where I knew he’d go to take a piss. So disgusting! I know there was a bathroom inside but this creep always made it a point to go into the alley to relieve himself. I let him get his zipper undone before I made a sound. He turned around and glared at me.

“What the fuck do you want, you anemic looking bitch?”

I crossed my arms and said nothing. Finally he turned to face me and waved his member at me before saying, “Want something to suck on baby?”

As I closed in on him, I bared my fangs in a huge smile. “I thought you’d never ask”.


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