It’s About That Time

In just one short month, we’ll be making our annual appearance here to regale you with weird, scary, spooky, and bizarre tales and poetry. Of course there will be a little bit of levity injected from time to time too in the form of artwork and imaginative little stories by Tabitha’s youngest who is now 5.

Keep your eyes peeled on October 1st for this year’s kickoff. In the past, for some reason, Tabitha and I made this arbitrary rule that only one post should go up per day. Thankfully, we asked ourselves why! So, this year be prepared to see multiple posts on some days. I’m not making any promises that there will be multiple posts on any given day this year, but chances are good.  There might be a surprise or two up our sleeves too. 😉

See you all back here soon, my little creepmeisters!

Your Ghoul,