You’ve seen them leaning against a tree. Man or woman, all dark and mysterious. Just waiting for it to get dark so that they can move. Oh yes…you thought they were just yard decorations didn’t you? How foolish you are. When it gets dark they come alive. Waiting for their next victim. Did you ever notice how there are always more of them in the yard than there were before? Where did they come from?

Next time when you’re at home and walk past a window, look outside…NO ! don’t open the curtains, just peek through the edge. It isn’t there, is it? Where oh where did it go. You were in the dark hallway weren’t you? Now go to the kitchen. Do the same thing. Don’t open the curtains, don’t turn on the lights. Just peek. What the hell is it doing leaning out by the garden fence? That field only goes out to the Saffle farm, a short cut. There’s nothing else out there. The road is a dead end.

You are so very tired. You want to go to sleep. No one else seems to be bothered by the silhouettes.

Your husband put one out by the barn door. You hurry to look out the window in the guest room. You actually see it moving across the lawn. You are terrified and start to scream. Your husband comes running to you and asks what’s the matter. You tell him you thought you saw something in the yard. He calms you and says that it’s nothing. You do live in the country you know. There are all sorts of things that move around in the night. Now come to bed he says. So you follow him in and slowly go to sleep.

The next morning you have your routine. Get washed up, get dressed for the day and get breakfast ready. Your husband is a big eater and he has a full day of farm work to do. He won’t be back until its dinner time. Don’t forget to make his lunch and fill a thermos or two. One for coffee and the other with ice water.

When he is gone for the day and you are cleaning up the kitchen, the phone rings. You answer it and its the town busy body Maxine. You like gossip as much as the next person so you get yourself another cup of coffee and sit down at the table to talk. You ask her what’s new and she tells you that she’s calling to tell you that old Mr. Saffle died last night. His wife said they heard something outside and he went out to investigate. Mrs. Saffle was watching from the porch and said he just fell over. She called the Doc to come out and Doc said he had a heart attack. They took him to the county coroners office. You tell Maxine thanks for the call, but you have to go and you hang up the phone. For a minute you sit there in shock. You didn’t want to believe it.

Off you go running to the hallway and you peek out the window. Your knees start to shake and you realize that your worst fears have come true. There are two silhouettes out there now and one of them looks eerily like Mr. Saffle. You stand there looking out and all of a sudden they both look at you and tip their hats. Then they return to their original state.

You know you can’t say anything. You would be put away, so you wave back at them, close the curtain and go about your day.


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