Did We Say Changes Are Afoot?

We told you about some changes that were coming back in April...

Well, hang on to your ponies, babies, because new changes are coming here as well.

Sisters In The Shadows has undergone so many changes since its inception.

The name of the business has become a box in which we no longer wish to be stuffed.

So we are branching out, branching up, and rooting down.

We are now the Sisters of Wyrd.

Please download everything you wish to download from this blog.

Please follow us on facebook to keep up to date on all the doings and goings on.

A new website is in the works.  We will post all pertinent links here as soon as they go live.

We anticipate this blog being live until the end of this year.

If you have any questions or comments, our emails are right at the top of the sidebar.  Feel free to email us at any time.

We are so looking forward to this new chapter of Sisters…and yes, the Halloween Scarefest shall continue as long as we have fun doing it.

We hope you come along with us.

Your PDF Is Ready

So much shifted for us in the short time of October this year.  This is the final year you will find as us Sisters In The Shadows.  As of November, we have chosen to take the mantle of: The Sisters of Wyrd.

Halfway through the month, due to personal family issues, part of our creative team had to bow out of this year’s festivities…and yet, we carried on.

Here is your free PDF of all that went on.  Enjoy.

Remember to come back next year…we will not stop this Frightfest any time soon.

Download it right here.  Click and it is yours.


sisters halloween 2015